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Prinja Group owns and operates companies in four different countries. These companies operate in four different sectors:

1. Manufacturing
2. Services
3. Trading
4. Property and Finance

Polycans Ltd. (Kenya) and Pampa Industries (International) Corporation together make one of the largest plastic packaging groups outside of Europe and the Americas. The range of plastic processing they offer is varied from blow, injection and injection-blow moulding to thermoforming and die manufacturing. Together they cover the entire Middle East and East African markets.

The Mombasa Academy is a leading international private school situated in Mombasa, Kenya. The school has been established for over 20 years and its pupils, ranging from three to eighteen years old, come from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Bahari Club Ltd. is a fishing and leisure concern situated on the north coast of Mombasa. It offers a wide range of restaurants and the opportunity to experience the pleasures of deep-sea fishing in the Indian Ocean.

Fourways Ltd. is a clearing and forwarding agency situated in Kenya. The company also handles distribution and logistics for the entire East African Region.

Pampa Oil (International) Corporation is the Group's vehicle for trading activities. With a presence in Africa, Europe, South Asia and Middle East it is possible to be involved in every aspect of the commercial cycle.

The company covers every trade linkage from assisting its buyers to receive the materials, providing finance, arranging buy-back deals through process agreements, getting goods packaged, handling the transportation and other logistics, and finally, delivery of the goods to the customers.

The Group trades internationally in a large array of commodities ranging from rice and tea to petroleum by-products.


Prinja Investments Ltd. holds a large portfolio of commercial and residential buildings and land in Kenya, India, and the United Kingdom. The company is also involved in the development of commercial complexes in East Africa.

Prinja Investments Ltd. also concentrates on incubating start-ups through investments in unlisted equity.

To a lesser extent, the company is also involved in Foreign Exchange trading. Its objective is to outperform the markets by taking calculated risks that include short sales and margin purchases.